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Lexington Computer Repairs

Computers are great! Except when they have problems. If you are a home hobbist, you enjoy fixing and upgrading your hardware as needed. If you aren't, we are here to help.

  • Laptop or Desktop - Mac or PC
  • Software configuration and set-up
  • Virus, PUP and Malware removal
  • Data recovery and protection
  • Configuring special systems
  • Networking
  • Consulting solutions to your needs
  • Motherboards
  • RAM and System Memory
  • Hard Drives
  • Modemns & Routers
  • Video Cards
  • Monitors
  • Power Supplies
  • Screen Replacements

Remember, you only pay for the fix (plus parts). After we have diagnosed the problem, we make recommendations by email, text, or phone call. You decide which route to take and we complete the job.

Computer Problems?

We are just a phone call away!

Computer Problems?

We are just a short form away!

Popular Services

Southland Computer™ offers a wide range of computer repair, technical support and consulting services.  A few of our most popular services are listed below.

Don't see what you need? That doesn't mean we can't help. Just contact us and tell us what you're looking for. If we can't meet your need, we'll help you find someone who can.

*Service prices are for labor only and do not include cost of replacement hardware.

  • Diagnostic Fee $20.00

    Diagnostic Fee $20.00

    Fee for diagnostic services. Deducted from price of repair.

  • Virus Removal $79.00

    Virus Removal $79.00

    Includes malware scans using 3 independent tools: Avast! Antivirus Rescue Disk, Malwarebytes™ Anti-Malware, and Glary Utilities. Also includes installation of Avast!™ antivirus for those whose solutions are inadequate or nonexistent.

  • PUP Removal $99.00

    PUP Removal $99.00

    Cleanup potentially unwanted programs (PUP) like toolbars that track and sell your browsing habits to advertisers.

  • Virus Removal Plus $139.00

    Virus Removal Plus $139.00

    Includes Virus and PUP removal.

    * Save $39!

  • Data Recovery $149.00

    Data Recovery $149.00

    Recover data from formatted or failing hard drive.

    * Drives that require hardware intrusion will not be eligible for this price, but will instead be referred to DriveSavers.
    * Price is for data recovery attempt and is charged regardless of if or how much data is recovered.

  • Save Data $79.00

    Save Data $79.00

    Save data prior to factory reset. Restore data to appropriate locations after factory reset.

    * Does not include reinstallation of paid software.

  • Factory Reset $79.00

    Factory Reset $79.00

    Restore factory settings with included recovery partiton and/or original installation disks.

  • Research Drivers $44.00

    Research Drivers $44.00

    Research drivers for factory resets which do not include recovery partion and/or original installation disks. Applicable drivers will be provided on an optical disk.

  • Customized User Interface $79.00

    Customized User Interface $79.00

    Apply all OS updates; install, and update Avast!™ Anti-Virus Free Edition and register for 1 yr. free updates; install Adobe™ Reader and Flash Player, Java™, Google™ Chrome with Ad-Block Plus, Apple™ iTunes and QuickTime, 7-Zip, CPU-Z, SpaceMonger, VLC.

  • Cleaning $44.00

    Cleaning $44.00

    Dust/dirt removal requiring any disassembly beyond panel removal, vacuuming, and application of compressed air.

  • On-Site Service $79.00

    On-Site Service $79.00

    Service at your home or office upon request or necessity, such as Wi-Fi setup. Must be scheduled in advance for an available Monday.

    * Per hour, 1 hour minimum.

  • Unscheduled On-Site Service $99.00

    Unscheduled On-Site Service $99.00

    Service at your home of office upon request or necessity. This charge is incurred when service is required during normal business hours but cannot be scheduled for a Monday.

    * Per hour, 1 hour minimum

  • Emergency On-Site Service $109.00

    Emergency On-Site Service $109.00

    Service at your home or office upon request or necessity. This charge is incurred when service is required outside of normal business hours.

    * Per hour, 1 hour minimum.

  • Heat Sink Reseat $14.00

    Heat Sink Reseat $14.00

    Covers necessary removal of old thermal compound, cleaning of thermal surfaces, application of new high-quality thermal compound like Arctic Silver 5 or Arctic Silver Ceramique.

  • Additional Accounts $29.00

    Additional Accounts $29.00

    Factory Reset comes with one Windows User Account. Fee is for each additional account.

  • Remote Support $59.00

    Remote Support $59.00

    Remote support via Zoho Assist.

    * Per hour, 1 hour minimum

  • Tablet/Smartphone Setup $49.00

    Tablet/Smartphone Setup $49.00

    Setup your new Android or iOS tablet or smartphone. Restore to factory settings if necessary.

  • Training $59.00

    Training $59.00

    Learn to use your computer, tablet, or smartphone to its full potential; how to help them work best together; and best practices to keep them all running smoothly.

    * Per hour, 1 hour minimum.

  • Quick-Fix $19.00

    Quick-Fix $19.00

    Service fee for issues that can be fixed in 15 minutes or less.

  • Level I Service $59.00

    Level I Service $59.00

    Service fee for 1 hr. or less of technician time.

  • Level II Service $99.00

    Level II Service $99.00

    Service fee for between 1 and 2 hrs. of technician time.

  • Level III Service $139.00

    Level III Service $139.00

    Service fee for between 2 and 3 hrs. of technician time.

  • Level IV Service $179.00

    Level IV Service $179.00

    Service fee for between 3 and 4 hrs. of technician time.

  • Custom Build $199.00

    Custom Build $199.00

    Design and build custom computer to agreed specifications. See details.

    * Parts must be ordered through Southland Computer

Quick Turnaround

You need your computer as fast as possible. We understand this. We strive to complete most repairs in two(2) business days. Business Critical Service is available.

Status Updates

Before we start any repair, we diagnose and/or recreate the reported problem. We then let you know what the next steps are. We strive to keep you informed.

Our Promise

We stand by our work. We want you to tell others about us. We work hard to save you time and money.

Computer Problems?

We are just a short form away!

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