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COVID-19 Update

Southland Computer Business Update

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Southland Computer Corona Virus Update

A Note From Southland Computer Regarding Coronavirus

Friends, let’s face it; these are dark times. It’s likely to get much, much worse before it gets even a little bit better. Even worse, when times do start to get better, there’s no guarantee that they won’t get bad again. In fact, authorities are saying that will happen.

With everyone stuck at home trying to work and learn remotely, and to be entertained otherwise, computers and internet connections are crucial to American life during this ordeal. For this reason, regardless of the government’s opinion, we at Southland Computer consider ourselves to be essential services. In the interest of maintaining our ability to assist with your technology needs as well as preventing the spread of the Coronavirus and the Covid-19 illness it causes, we will be making some adjustments. Some of these adjustments may be permanent, others only temporary. Also, please understand that as more information comes to light we may need to alter some or all of those adjustments or make exceptions in extreme cases as necessary. Southland Computer is dedicated to resolving your technology issues so you can get back to the things that bring you some normalcy during these tumultuous times.

Let’s try to remember that we’re all human and that we all make mistakes from time to time, and that despite outward appearances, we’re all in this together. The best way to protect yourself is to protect your neighbor by following the CDC and WHO guidelines as they are announced and updated.

These are some adjustments Southland Computer has planned in the interest of protecting everyone:

      1. Business hours will be adjusted in order to limit exposure for both our employees and our valued customers. New business hours will be from 9 am to 4 pm Mon.-Thurs.
      2. Appointment is required. We would like to encourage everyone to make an appointment to help maintain the proper social distancing recommendations by CDC. You can make your appointment after submitting a Support Request.
      3. We will be using Clorox wipes and Lysol spray to sanitize and disinfect computers as they’re brought in and shop surfaces after EVERY customer.
      4. Only ONE customer per computer will be allowed into the shop at any given time. The fact that Southland Computer is a small shop and has only one or two customers at a time is what allows us to remain open when so many other businesses have been forced to close.
      5. On-site service has been suspended until further notice, except in extreme cases with exceptions to be decided on a case by case basis by Southland Computer management. Possible exceptions may be granted for elderly or disabled customers or for mission-critical systems that can only be serviced on-site.
      6. In the event that we are forced to close our doors to the public, we will still be available via text (at (859) 363-6349), and via email ( The powers that be may be able to force us to close our shop, but they can’t stop us from helping you remotely whenever possible!
      7. Southland Computer has plans in the works for programs to help reduce the spread of the novel Coronavirus. More information about those programs to come in future announcements. With patience and understanding, I’m sure we can get through this and be better for it.
Steve Cheek, President/Owner
Anthony Cooper, Vice President of Technology
Pierson Bowling, Creative Director

Thankgiving Day Closings

November 23 and November 24

Southland Computer Expert

Thanksgiving Holiday Closing

Southland Computer will be closed Thursday, November 23rd and Friday, November 24th. We will reopen on Monday, November 27th. We are always grateful and thankful for our customers! And thank you for choosing Southland Computer for your technological needs. Happy Thanksgiving.

Back To School

Back to School Computer Repair Special

Southland Computer Expert

It's almost that time of the year again. Time to head back to school! Parents are rejoicing and kids are gnashing their teeth. BUT Southland Computer is here to help get your computers ready for the new school year. Students can receive 15% discount on computer services. Offer valid until 08/17/2017. If your computer is running slow or not acting as expected, give us a call (859) 363-6349 or stop by the shop - 128 Southland Drive #50.

You can get started by completing our Online Support Form. By completing the form before coming to our shop, you can speed up your check-in process.

Back To School Computer Repair Special

We are Here to help!

We enjoy helping you make technology work for you.

Southland Computer Expert

Southland Computer is here to help

Just a friendly reminder, we are here to help with your technology needs. Computer repairs? We can help. Software problems? We can help. Need a networking solution? We can help. Need help with a website? We can help. It's what we are here for. We enjoy helping you make technology work for you. Give us a call (859) 363-6349 or stop by the shop (128 Southland Drive #50).

Free Diagnostics

Receive Free Repair Quote

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At Southland Computer, we provide a free repair quote. While we have fixed rates for most repairs, we can provide you with an estimate of the repair cost prior to starting the work. Most repairs can be completed within two or three business days. We strive to get you up and running as quickly as possible.

There are times when a computer or device is beyond repair. If this is the case, we will let you know. There is no point in adding costs to an obsolete machine or device. However, if you have an attachment to the device(yes, there are people sentimentally attached to their devices/computers), we will do our best to get you up and running quickly.

To get started, head over to our Support Page. Complete the form with all your information. Be sure to provide as much detail about the problem as you can remember. By providing details, we are able to recreate the problem you are experiencing.

Once you’ve completed the form, simply drop off your machine / device by the shop, 128 Southland Drive #50(remember, we are in the basement and our door faces Rebel Road). We will have your form ready and double check the information provided. If we are able to provide an estimate at Check In, we will. Otherwise, we will contact you with the estimate prior to starting any work.

Bring in that malfunctioning device / computer. If we can’t fix it, you’re not out anything, but if you don’t ask, then you will never know!


Free Repair Quote By Southland Computer

Have you been sitting on the fence about Windows 10?

Well now is the time to decide!

Southland Computer Expert

Back in May, Microsoft announced that July 29th will be the last day that you can upgrade to Windows 10 for free. Beginning July 30th, it will cost you about $120 to upgrade to Windows 10. Also consider that when Microsoft releases new features in the future and you are not running Windows 10, you will not get those features for free.

If you would like assistance with upgrading, we can help, give us a call at (859) 363-6349 or stop by our shop (128 Southland Drive #50, our door faces Rebel Road). Questions, we are here to help!

Please remember before completing any upgrades to always backup your data first! The risks are slim, but in the event of something going wrong, you don't want to lose valuable files or photos.

Microsoft Windows 10 Free Upgrade ending
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Uninstall QuickTime Today!

Alert! Do Not Ignore!

Southland Computer Expert

Apple has decided to no longer support QuickTime For Windows. There were serious vulnerabilities discovered which could leave your computer and personal data compromised. To protect yourself and your data, uninstall QuickTime today.

To uninstall QuickTime

  • 1. Go to Control Panel
    Windows Control Panel
  • 2. Select Programs and Features
  • 3. Select QuickTime in your list of programs.

    Windows Programs and Features
  • 4. Click Uninstall.
    Uninstalling Program Windows
  • 5. Confirm that you want to uninstall QuickTime
    Confirm Removal
  • 6. Verify that QuickTime has been uninstalled.

If you have any problems, you can call or stop by the shop and we can help you! Call (859) 363-6349 or stop by the shop (128 Southland Drive #50).

Please note that this only applies to the Windows platform. QuickTime for Mac is not affected by these vulnerabilities.

Trend Micro
Uninstall QuickTime 7 for Windows

Unpatched bug in Mac OS X gives root access to untrusted people

Rootpipe allows attackers to take control of Macs without entering a password.

Dan Goodin

An unpatched vulnerability in Yosemite and some earlier versions of Apple's Mac OS X allows untrusted people to take full control of users' machines, a security researcher has warned.

Dubbed Rootpipe, the privilege escalation bug allows people to gain root access, a nearly unrestricted level of system privileges, without first entering the "sudo" password, according to a recent report published by MacWorld. Sudo is a mechanism that's designed to prevent code execution, file deletions, and other sensitive operations from being carried out by unauthorized people who have physical access to a computer.

"Normally there are 'sudo' password requirements, which work as a barrier, so the admin can't gain root access without entering the correct password," Emil Kvarnhammar, a researcher at Swedish security firm Truesec, told Macworld. "It took a few days of binary analysis to find the flaw, and I was pretty surprised when I found it."

According to the article, the vulnerability is present in version 10.10, aka Yosemite, as well as version 10.8.5. It's unclear if other versions are also susceptible to the attack. To prevent widespread exploitation of Rootpipe, Kvarnhammar isn't disclosing technical details for the time being. A video demonstration is below:

Based on the extremely limited information available, there's no indication that Rootpipe can be exploited remotely. If true, that means the vulnerability is useful only to people with physical access to a Mac. That drastically lowers the severity of the bug, but it nonetheless remains serious enough that it ought to be fixed. Users who want a workaround fix immediately should perform daily computing tasks using an account with "standard" rights instead of one with "Admin" privileges.

Kentucky city threatens to block Comcast/Time Warner Cable merger

No approval until TWC stops refusing to improve customer service, mayor says.

Jon Brodkin

Comcast has to convince the federal government to approve its purchase of Time Warner Cable (TWC), but so far the government advancing the most aggressive opposition may be in Lexington, Kentucky.

Kentucky's second-largest city is served by Time Warner Cable, and it isn't happy with the service. The city council "voted unanimously during a council work session Tuesday to put two resolutions denying transfer of ownership on the agenda for Thursday's council meeting," reported the Lexington Herald-Leader.

Comcast's purchase of Time Warner Cable includes a sale of certain territories to Charter. Charter would take over in Lexington after the deal.

Lexington's cable franchise agreement with TWC expired in 2012, but hasn't been renewed. Mayor Jim Gray says TWC has refused to address customer service complaints. The Herald-Leader reports:

"We have worked aggressively and vigorously to negotiate these terms with Time Warner," Gray said. "They have just not been reasonable. We are looking for better customer service and they are not willing to offer it. That's why the council took the action that it did today."

Until changes are made that will help Lexington cable customers, Gray said, "They will not approve" the transfer of ownership.

A TWC spokesperson said the company "continues to work with the city of Lexington, and we hope to reach an agreement in the best interest of our customers," the paper reported.

Time Warner took over in Lexington early in 2012 after it purchased Insight Communications, which had been operating in Kentucky, Indiana, and Ohio. Customer service apparently got worse after the switch—city officials received "reams" of complaints about TWC, Vice Mayor Linda Gorton said, according to the Herald-Leader report. "It's everything from equipment, to service, to cost or the inability to understand how costs are set," she said.

A Comcast spokesperson declined to comment on Lexington, but said, "we already have the approval to go ahead in 89 percent of the LFAs [local franchise authorities] at issue in the transaction," about 5,800 in all.

"A scenario where Time Warner Cable continued existing but only in Lexington would be pretty funny, if unlikely," Senior Staff Attorney John Bergmayer of consumer advocacy group Public Knowledge told Ars. "I suppose the broader question is whether a single municipality by itself can stop this merger. Maybe not, but it's unlikely that any one town would be acting alone. If I were Comcast or Time Warner, I'd be looking nervously at my other franchise agreements in towns around the country, and at the states. Taken together these actions could imperil the merger—and might give the FCC [Federal Communications Commission] and DoJ [Department of Justice] even more incentive to act."

The merger has also met skepticism in New York, where state regulators identified "deficiencies" in Comcast and TWC service and in the merger application.